Freestanding and Integrated Appliances for Sale in West Yorkshire

Choose from a wide array of freestanding and integrated appliances from Yorkshire Appliances. Based in Shipley, we serve customers throughout Bradford, Leeds, and West Yorkshire. As well as providing repairs and servicing, we offer a range of brand-new appliances. Whether you’re looking for freestanding appliances or built-in products, our friendly local team have got you covered. Get in touch today for more information.

Types of Appliance

We supply appliances of all makes and models. Our products include:

Types of Appliance

  • Washing Machines

  • Dishwashers

  • Fridges

  • Freezers

  • Ovens

  • Cookers

Buying New Appliances?

We are happy to answer any questions about our freestanding and integrated appliances.

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