Electrolux Group Upper Spray Arm (DST1118949005)


This is a genuine spare for selected AEG, Electrolux, Tricity Bendix and Zanussi dishwashers (Check Full Description)

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Dishwasher Upper Spray Arm

The spray arms can be easily damaged by cutlery poking through the cutlery basket or it can get so clogged up with limescale that it impedes the flow of water. This replacement spray arm is situated at the top of your dishwasher.

This is a genuine spare for selected AEG, Electrolux, Tricity Bendix and Zanussi dishwashers.

AEG Dishwasher


Arthur Martin Dishwasher

ASF63020, ASF64010, ASF64013, ASF64030, ASF63022, ASF64012, ASF64021

Electrolux Dishwasher

ESF6127, ESF63021X, ESF64011, ESF64020, ESF63010, ESF63025, ESF64014, ESF64020X, ESF63019, ESF63029, ESF64014X, ESF64029, ESF63020, ESF63030, ESF64016, ESF64029X, ESF63020X, ESF63032, ESF64019, ESL63010, ESF63021, ESF64010, ESF64019X, TT400

Firenzi Dishwasher

FIDW42, LV6S01

John Lewis Dishwasher

JLBIDW1201, JLDW1200, JLDWS1226

Tricity Bendix Dishwasher

BDW55, TBDW42, TDF221, TDF222

Zanussi Dishwasher

ZDF11001WA, ZDF12001XA, ZDF12002WA, ZDF121, ZDF13001WA, ZDF131, ZDF14001KA, ZDF14001WA, ZDF14002WA, ZDF14003WA, ZDF14011WA, ZDF14011XA, ZDF14021WA, ZDF18001XA, ZDF2020, ZDF221, ZDF221S, ZDF231, ZDF231S, ZDF3020, ZDF3020N, ZDF3020S, ZDF3023, ZDF3023N, ZDF3023S, ZDF401, ZDF4010, ZDF4013, ZDF501, ZDF501S, ZDF511, ZDF511S, ZDI112X, ZDI12001XA, ZDI12010XA, ZDI122W, ZDI122X, ZDI200X, ZDI210N, ZDI6053W, ZDI6053X, ZDT11001FA, ZDT12002FA, ZDT12011FA, ZDT12041FA, ZDT13012FA, ZDT14002FA, ZDT15002FA, ZDT15006FA, ZDT201, ZDT312, ZDT40, ZDT41, ZDT420, ZDT6053


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