Electrolux Group Lower Spray Arm (DST1118136702)


This is a genuine spare part for select AEG dishwashers (Check Full Description)

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Dishwasher Dark Grey Lower Spray Arm

Depending on your model, you may have only one spray arm found on the bottom of the dishwasher. The spray arm is necessary in order to spray the water and detergent during a cycle so that the crockery and cutlery are thoroughly cleaned. Therefore, if you have discovered that this part is broken or faulty, then this spray arm is just what you need to get your dishwasher back to full function.

This is a genuine spare part for these select AEG dishwashers:

AEG Dishwasher

ESL6251, F3A, F40300, F50750VI, FAV3A, FAV40250I-D, FAV40250I-W, FAV40250ID, FAV40250IW, FAV40260I-D, FAV40260I-W, FAV40260ID, FAV40260IW, FAV40300W, FAV40310 -W, FAV40630 -W, FAV40630 W, FAV40630W, FAV40640 -W, FAV40650, FAV40660I-D, FAV40660I-M, FAV40660I-W, FAV40660ID, FAV40660IM, FAV40660IW, FAV40740W, FAV40850, FAV40850S, FAV43070VI, FAV44050I-W, FAV44050VI, FAV44070ID, FAV44070IM, FAV44070IW, FAV44070VI, FAV50500W, FAV50610W, FAV50620 -W, FAV5070 W, FAV50700 -W, FAV50700W, FAV50730W, FAV50740W, FAV50750, FAV50750I D G, FAV50750I M G, FAV50750IA, FAV50750ID, FAV50750IM, FAV50750IW, FAV50750VI, FAV50750VI G, FAV50760I-A, FAV50760I-D, FAV50760I-M, FAV50760I-W, FAV50760IA, FAV50760ID, FAV50760IM, FAV50760IW, FAV50850M, FAV60750VI, FAV60750VI G, FAV60800, FAV60800W, FAV60820W, FAV60830W, FAV60870M, FAV65050I-A, FAV65050I-B, FAV65050I-M, FAV65050I-W, FAV65050IA, FAV65050IM, FAV65050UM, FAV65050VI, FAV65053UM, FAV65053UW, FAV65070IA, FAV65070IB, FAV65070IM, FAV65070UM, FAV65070VI, FAV80800, FAV80800W, FAV80820W, FAV80850, FAV80850IM, FAV80850IW, FAV80860I-M, FAV80860I-W, FAV80860IM, FAV80860IW, FAV85050VI, FAV86050VI, FAV86070VI, FAV88070IM, FAV88070VI, FAVACTIVEAA, KOKDW3


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