Delonghi Oven Door Hinge Receiver (DEL063066)


Genuine spare part for select models of DeLonghi, Caple and CDA cookers (Check Full Description)

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Oven Door Hinge Receiver

If your oven door seems a little damaged due to wear and tear of the hinges, it might be this part that you require to resolve your problem.Without a fully operating hinge receiver the door for your cooker will struggle to close, therefore the cooking of your food will take far longer than it should. With the help of this spare, we can get your cooker back to its optimal performance.

Genuine spare part for these select models of DeLonghi, Caple and CDA cookers:

Caple Oven & Cooker

C300F/B, C300F/W, C301F/B, C301F/W, C302BK, C302W, C305F/SS, C306F/SS, C306F/W, C308/1SS, C308SS, C5210, C5210/1, C5220, C5220-1

CDA Oven & Cooker

CD900BL, CD900BR, CD900GR, CD906SS

Concept (Homark) Oven & Cooker

01-100106, 02-100106

Delonghi Oven & Cooker

9104VEB, 9104VEW, DUOEC3, ESF491ST, ESI601B, ESI601W, ESM495ST, ESS602, ESS603, ESS603WH, PXDO60

Homark Oven & Cooker

01-100206, 01-600106, 02-100206, 02-600106

Kenwood Oven & Cooker

CK230, CK240, CK270, CK280

Lectron (Homark) Oven & Cooker

01-300106, 02-300106

Prestige Oven & Cooker


White Westinghouse Oven & Cooker

01-200206, 02-200206


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