Bosch Recirculation Wash Pump Motor (BSH266520)


Genuine spare part for select models of Bosch, Neff and Siemens dishwashers. (Check Full Description)

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Dishwasher Wash Pump Motor

If you have come to empty the dishes from the dishwasher, only to notice that there is still a build-up of water at the bottom of the machine, it could be the cause of a faulty drain pump. The drain pump in your dishwasher is a key component of the cleaning process, as it removes the waste water from the machine at the end of the wash cycle. We could help your machine get back to water draining ways again with this replacement spare drain pump. We can soon get you back to a fully working dishwasher again

Genuine spare part for select models of Bosch, Neff and Siemens dishwashers:

Bosch Dishwasher

SGI3000GB/09, SGI3000GB/10, SGI3002GB/09, SGI3002GB/10, SGI3005GB/01, SGI3005GB/02, SGI3006GB/01, SGI3006GB/02, SGI3010GB/12, SGI3010GB/13, SGI3012GB/12, SGI3012GB/13, SGI30A02GB/01, SGI30A05GB/01, SGI30A06GB/01, SGI3300GB/01, SGI3302GB/01, SGI3305GB/01, SGI3310GB/01, SGI3312GB/01, SGI3315GB/01, SGI3316GB/01, SGI5300GB/13, SGI5302GB/13, SGI5305GB/13, SGI5306GB/13, SGI5322GB/17, SGI5325GB/17, SGI5326GB/17, SGI5342GB/01, SGI5345GB/01, SGI5346GB/01, SGI6600GB/12, SGI6600GB/13, SGI6602GB/12, SGI6602GB/13, SGS3042GB/03, SGS3042GB/04, SGS3062GB/01, SGS3062GB/02, SGS4002GB/13, SGS4002GB/20, SGS4012GB/13, SGS4012GB/28, SGS4012GB/31, SGS4072GB/01, SGS4072GB/02, SGS4332GB/17, SGS4332GB/29, SGS4442GB/01, SGS5022GB/13, SGS5022GB/20, SGS5308GB/13, SGS5312GB/07, SGS5312GB/12, SGS5312GB/13, SGS5318GB/12, SGS5318GB/13, SGS5332GB/17, SGS5338GB/12, SGS5342GB/17, SGS5348GB/17, SGS5358GB/17, SGS6302GB/12, SGS6302GB/13, SGS6312GB/12, SGS6312GB/13, SGS6322GB/13, SGS6342GB/13, SGS6352GB/17, SGV4313GB/13, SGV4313GB/17, SGV5303GB/13, SGV5303GB/17, SGV5303GB/19, SHS6902GB/12, SHS6902GB/13, SHU5312GB/08, SHU5316GB/08, SHV4313GB/13, SHV5303GB/13, SHV5303GB/19

Siemens Dishwasher

SE24031GB/22, SE26230GB/12, SE65530GB/13

Tecnik Dishwasher


Hotpoint Dishwasher




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