Bosch Neff Siemens Dishwasher Lower Basket (BSH680997)


Genuine spare part for select models of Bosch, Neff and Siemens dishwashers (Check Full Description)

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Dishwasher Lower Basket Assembly With Cutlery Basket

The baskets in your dishwasher are important, without them you would not be able to effectively fill up the appliance resulting in your plates and cutlery to not be cleaned correctly. If you are unable to put the cutlery in your dishwasher because your current cutlery basket is damaged, we have this handy replacement cutlery basket that could be the answer to getting you back to using the dishwasher for your cutlery, rather than having to wash them by hand. Along with the cutlery basket this pack also provides you with a replacement lower basket. Perfect for those times when you may have damaged the basket in your dishwasher!

Genuine spare part for these select models of Bosch, Neff, Balay, and Siemens dishwashers:

Bosch Dishwasher

SGI45N45EU/36, SGI46M15EU/36, SGI56E45EU/37, SGI56E55EU/37, SGI57M95EU/36, SGI84M05DE/36, SGS30E12EU/20, SGS43E42EU/37, SGS45A02GB/36, SGS45A08GB/36, SGS45N02PL/36, SGS45N62EU/36, SGS45N68EU/36, SGS46E02RU/36, SGS46E72EU/39, SGS53E92TC/09, SGS53E92TC/10, SGS53E92TC/14, SGS53E92TC/17, SGS57M92EU/36, SGS65E08BR/09, SGS65E08BR/10, SGS65E08BR/11, SGS65E08BR/14, SGS65E08BR/16, SGS65E08BS/10, SGS65E08BS/14, SGS84M02DE/36, SGU44E42SK/31, SGU44E42SK/37, SGU45N65EU/36, SGU53E82SK/26, SGU53E82SK/31, SGU53E88SK/26, SGU53E88SK/31, SGU54E02SK/31, SGU54E02SK/33, SGU54E02SK/36, SGU54E02SK/37, SGU56E95EU/37, SGU57M95EU/36, SGU84M05DE/36, SGV45M83EU/28, SGV45M83EU/29, SGV45M83EU/31, SGV45M83EU/33, SGV45M83EU/36, SGV46M13EU/36, SGV46M13RU/36, SGV53E33GB/06, SGV53E33GB/09, SGV53E33GB/10, SGV53E43GB/37, SGV84M03EU/31, SGV84M03EU/33, SGV84M03EU/36, SGV87M03EU/36, SHV45M83EU/29, SHV45M83EU/31, SHV45M83EU/33, SHV45M83EU/36, SHV46M13EU/36, SHV53E23EU/36, SHV53E23EU/37, SHV53E33EU/37

Siemens Dishwasher

SE23E201EU/16, SE23E230TR/14, SE24E265EU/36, SE25E265EU/36, SE25E865EU/36, SE25F250EU/37, SE25F850EU/37, SE25M270EU/36, SE26E252EU/37, SE28M242DE/36, SE44E235SK/36, SE44E554EU/36, SE45E232SK/26, SE45E232SK/31, SE45E234SK/37, SE45E257SK/36, SE45F550EU/37, SE45M570EU/33, SE45M570EU/36, SE46E552EU/36, SE48M542DE/36, SE54E554EU/36, SE54M568EU/36, SE55E530TI/09, SE55E530TI/10, SE55E530TI/14, SE55E558EU/37, SE55E658EU/37, SE55F550EU/37, SE55M582EU/36, SE56E552EU/37, SE58M542DE/36, SE64M364EU/28, SE64M364EU/29, SE64M364EU/31, SE64M364EU/33, SE64M364EU/36, SE64M365EU/28, SE64N350EU/36, SE64N351EU/36, SE64N361EU/36, SE64N363EU/36, SE65E332GB/06, SE65E332GB/09, SE65E332GB/10, SL64M364EU/29, SL64M364EU/31, SL64M364EU/33, SL64M364EU/36, SL64N350EU/36, SL64N363EU/36, SL65E332CH/36, SL65E332CH/37, SL65E332EU/36, SL65E332EU/37, SL65E332SK/36, SL65E332SK/37

Neff Dishwasher

S34E45N2EU/37, S44E55B4EU/37, S44E55N4EU/37, S44E55W4EU/37, S44M57N5EU/33, S44M57N5EU/36, S45E55N4EU/37, S54E53X0GB/06, S54E53X0GB/09, S54E53X0GB/10, S54E53X2GB/37, S54E53X3EP/10, S54E53X3EP/14, S54M45X8EU/31, S54M45X8EU/33, S54M45X8EU/36, S54M45X8RU/36, S54M46X0EU/36, S55E53X0EU/36, S55E53X0EU/37, S55E53X2EU/36, S55E53X2EU/37, S55M45X8EU/31, S55M45X8EU/33, S55M45X8EU/36, S55M46X0EU/36


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