Beko Oven Function Selector Switch (BEK263900055)


Spare part suitable for select models of Beko, Flavel and Leisure ovens. (Check Full Description)

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Oven Function Selector Switch

This replacement selector switch is mounted behind the front control panel of your oven, and it accepts various inputs to change the hobs temperature to toggling between different settings.

If one of these switches is not working, then this great compatible replacement could help you get back in control of your appliance.

Spare part suitable for these select models of Beko, Flavel and Leisure ovens.

Beko Built In Oven & Cooker

AROIC21100, CSS63010DW, CSS86001GW, OIC21300B, BE92FVW, CSS63110DS, CUS203010BR, OIC21300W, BE92FVX, CSS63110DW, CUS203010W, OIC21301B, CSS62010, CSS64010DBR, EBV9MK, OIC21301W, CSS62010DW, CSS64010DW, ODF21300B, OIC22000W, CSS62110DW, CSS66000GBR, ODF21300W, OIC22000X, CSS62110DW, CSS66000GW, ODF22300X, OIC22001X, CSS62110DW, CSS66000GW, OIC21000W, OIC22100X, CSS62120DW, CSS66001GBR, OIC21000W, OIC22100X, CSS62120DX, CSS66001GW, OIC21001B, OIC22101X, CSS63010DBR, CSS67000GW, OIC21001X, OIC22102X, CSS63010DS, CSS67000GW, OIC21003W, OIC23300X, OIC23301X, OSC22130X, OUC22000X, OUC22020X, OIC2N000X, OTF12300X, OUC22010W, OUC22021X, OICR22100X, OUC21023W, OUC22010X

Blomberg Built In Oven & Cooker

BDO9564X, BEO5002W, BEO7002X, BEO7102X, BEO3001EG, BEO5002X, BEO7102X, HSC6010WN, BEO3101EG, BEO7002X

Diplomat Built In Oven & Cooker

ADP3240, ADP4600, ADP4610, ADP4613, ADP3242, ADP4602, ADP4612

Elektra Bregenz Built In Oven & Cooker

HEA2004W, HEA2004X, HS5031W

Euromaid Built In Oven & Cooker


Far Built In Oven & Cooker


Flavel Built In Oven & Cooker


Lamona Built In Oven & Cooker

HJA3200, HJA4600, LAM3201, LAM4400, HJA3202, HJA4610, LAM3205, LAM4600, HJA3240, HJA4620, LAM3206, LAM4601, HJA3242, LAM3100, LAM3400

Leisure Built In Oven & Cooker


Montpellier Oven & Cooker


Privieg Built In Oven & Cooker

PCCF30201061W, PCCF30201061X


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